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Why Rūdolfs

  •  All of our products are Organic certified; 
  •  Our recipes have been developed in cooperation with pediatricians and gastroenterologists;
  •  Rūdolfs brand premium organic product assortment is created and regularly updated considering everyday family's needs;
  •  We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products by carefully selecting our raw material suppliers and thoroughly controlling each step of the manufacturing process;
  •  As a result, we ensure premium products that provide children and families with healthy and high nutritional value meals;
  •  Our products are 100% natural with no additives and no preservatives;
  •  We work according to the following safety standards:



If you have an idea we can help you make it happen. 


STEP 1 Choose your product from ready-made recipes or let us create them exacly for your needs

Types of products: baby food, tomato sauces and ketchups, smoothies, jams, fruit and vegetable spreads, hummus, fish spreads. 

STEP 2 Choose packaging 

Type of packaging: doypack and glass

STEP 3 Design your label or let our designers do it



Why customers choose us

  • Premium quality;
  • Experienced private label manufacturer;
  • Customer oriented;
  • Cerefully selected raw materials;
  • A wide range of ready-made recipes;
  • New product development;
  • Free samples before placing orders;
  • Low MOQ;
  • Flexible payment plan.


Our product catalog

Premium organic products for the whole family

Premium organic products for the babies



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